17 funny marketing blogs you MUST follow



I am a huge fan of marketing humor and I love blogs/websites dedicated to it. They somehow manage to identify all of the awful, frustrating, and down-right hilarious things that happen in our marketing jobs. When I am having a rough day there’s no better remedy than a good dose of marketing humor. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why Marketing Shmarketing was started.

Here are some really funny picks I’ve discovered throughout the years (and listed in random order). Topics include search engine optimization, client support, public relations, startups, social media marketing, tv advertising, content marketing, etc. If you know more blogs like these – post a comment below and I’ll add them to the list (or maybe compile an additional list). Disclaimer for those with sensitive souls: some of these blogs include profane language.

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RT @Adweek: .@hotelsdotcom buried a giveaway in the fine print of a TV ad to reward those who paused it:

RT @Adweek: .@hotelsdotcom buried a giveaway in the fine print of a TV ad to reward those who paused it: http://t.co/1Iq2oIHC4f

MTV is trying to compete with Tumblr


Monday too fresh? Try news. It’s at least a week old.

The subhead says MTV is trying to compete with Tumblr (flattering!) but that’s just their way of acknowledging that the most interesting stuff is happening here.

Fittingly: MTV News covered Chris Colfer’s Answer Time.

Advertisers would love a better measure than clicks and impressions. Digiday explains why time-on-site hasn’t taken off the way they’d like.

“Put a minion on it.” —Brands.

Also, the 1980s. Best decade for music? Maybe! Best music for advertising? Apparently.

Image via @jeffshelman

Fibertel Broadband Friends Ad


Fibertel Broadband 456 friends like your new house. Only 3 help you move. True friends are not only on the internet.

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Awesome Fibertel Broadband ad and so true… likes, follows, fans, reblogs, comments, etc…. they all mean nothing. One more thing, no one cares about your cat, your food, or your kids as much as you do…. so chill out.